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Homework for VCDE.707          week 1



I think it is a very good example to show that user interface should always follow the function. As instagram is just like a image social media, it does not encourage user to do things like chat through their APP, therefore, they just put their message icon on the very top right side which is very difficult to touch although they really have a message function.

They make me will never want to send a message through their APP but just focus on the images others posted and like it or leave a comment. It makes image socia  so fast and let their users get much more entertainment posts without message bothers you which is other APP`s task. 

It is an APP that try to do what they should do with no more other info. which makes it success and special.

It is so wield that Behance make the plus icon in the bottom center which I actully totally think is a copy of instagram without thinking who is the APP`s user. Actually, almost no designer or photographer will upload their work through the APP cause almost every successful design works has a very long process to make it looks good, it does not like instagram thay people just upload their photos and videos quickly. Compared with another designer APP-artstation which do not add a plus icon to the most important position stupidly.

Acutually, behance is a leading platform for designers and there are many great designer upload their works to the website, but this small issue makes me think they may not pay much attention to their UI design and do not thnik about how their users upload their works. Just add an almost useless button to their APP.

Most great 2D design works comes here (or dribble), so I have no choise to continue using their APP, but this makes me think that there should be another platform to come into this area and makes it more competitive.

Part B :

In this case, I just think that the user interface of any APP or website should always depend on what function you try to offer to your users and what your most user want to get from your APP. It does not mean good if you just try to show every possible of your APP on the main page but try to hide some function that not so commonly used in menu, subpage or somewhere. Sometimes, less content and buttons just makes interface more clearly. A plus icon can be easily touched can make instagram get more content and interactive. But since Behance just have a speclial user goop have a different work flow compared with other APP. Some user interface seems fit for every APP but actually needs more patience and feedback from users and design the UI for the user need .  




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